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We believe in developing and marketing our products around Truth, Fact, and Science based results. Our products create the results we claim on their labels without exaggeration.

To ensure DHA efficacy, we opt to have our raw material flown into our manufacturing facility located just outside Nashville, Tennessee.  Each container is tested in our laboratory on site to certify it performs at peak levels, and meets our stringent performance guidelines.

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Rick Norvell

President, Norvell Skin Solutions, LLC

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At Norvell, we are the pace setters in sunless. In the coming pages, nearly all of the products you read about were the first of their kind and to this day, remain the pinnacle in the industry. From pH Balancing spray to gradual tan maintenance moisturizers, from 1-hour alternatives to the critically acclaimed and consumer beloved Venetian formula, Norvell continues to set the standard in all things sunless tanning.

Norvell is the SOLUTION for all your sunless needs.

When you are in the sunless tanning industry, you will find yourself using the words “formula” and “solution” nearly all day every day. When you take a moment to pause and reflect on those words in a more meaningful way, we realize just how important and all encompassing those two words can be.

FORMULA. Blending the right ingredients is an essential element to creating award winning products. However, in order to be truly fruitful in this industry, one must look beyond the products and look to the business pillars they create and hold dear. One must create a “formula” for business success. In all that we do, Norvell offers premium product at a fair price, supported by unsurpassed customer service. We not only invite you, but embolden you to do the same, as it has proven year after year, day after day, decision after decision to be central to our position as industry leader.

SOLUTION. When the word “solution” is bantered about, we often find ourselves meaning that ever so important liquid that provides the color that keeps consumers coming through the door. At Norvell, we continue to challenge ourselves – and we now challenge you – not to dismiss the alternative way in which the word is used. Beyond our industry, providing a  “solution” means that one solves a problem for another. Norvell’s accomplishments can be tied directly to the innovation of our goods, the education of our sunless technicians and our unwavering commitment to delivering Just Off The Beach Color… Every Time. Norvell pledges to be the “solution”. These core values shape how Norvell conducts business, and as you will see, the results spark us to pursue the inauguration of state-of-the-art equipment and unprecedented sunless tanning products.

It is from this foundation, we are able to attract exceptional leaders to our team, expand powerhouse partnerships such as Dancing with the Stars Sunless Collection by Norvell, foster talent and passion among Technicians and product results others only dare to duplicate.