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  • Customer Service Tips for Improving Your Spray Tan Business

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    As a business owner, customer service is key. When people come to your salon for a Norvell spray tan, you want to meet all of their needs and make sure they’re happy both with their tan and with the way you made them feel.

    Because each client is special to you and your business, that’s how they should feel! Customer service is about more than a warm smile and a welcoming atmosphere—it’s the attention to detail that really makes a difference.

    1. Get to know your clients

    When a client is new, it’s the perfect time to ask questions about their expectations for their spray tan plus their interests and hobbies. Get to know them and find something you have in common that you can talk about every time you see each other. Next time they’re in for an appointment, you can greet them personally without any formal introductions. 

    1. Answer their questions

    For many new customers, it might be their first time getting a spray tan. As a salon owner, you want to make sure you present a comfortable atmosphere where clients can ask any questions they have about the process like “What should I wear?” or “How do I stand?” Letting customers know their questions are valued is a great way to encourage them to return.

    1. Give them your full attention

    During the spray tan session, be sure to make the environment as welcoming as possible. Help clients prepare by assisting them with their Neat Feet, nose filters or eye shields. You can also offer ways to enhance their spray tan with pre or post tanning options plus our multiple shades of bronzers to help customize the best tan for them. After the tan, be sure to go over aftercare instructions and provide any tips to maintain and extend their tan. (Hint: Norvell offers great products to sell in your salon!)

    1. Special offers

    Finally, you’ll want to keep your customers engaged with a loyalty program or other specials such as free or discount tan days. This shows them that you care about their returning business and that you’re willing to reward them with extra perks! For promotional ideas, read our blog: How to Increase Your Spray Tan Business With Monthly Specials.

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